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  • Our fees for services will be agreed upon prior to the start of any project and may be modified before final delivery

  • Payment is due upon completion of the project, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing



  • Final deliverables will be delivered via digital download as agreed upon prior to the start of the project

  • It is the client's responsibility to ensure that they have the necessary equipment and software to access and use the deliverables


Turnaround Time:

  • Our standard turnaround time for delivery is 24 hours from the date of the photo shoot

  • If a faster turnaround time is required, this can be arranged for an additional fee

Fees for Late Payment:

  • Invoices with outstanding balances shall incur a fee of 10% of its compounded total for every 30 days delinquent. By proceeding with a booking and/or allowing Matty D Photography to provide the services described herein, the client agrees with and understands the payment schedule associated with this agreement. The client grants Matty D Photography permission to contact their broker, controller, manager, or company of employment for open balance inquiries associated with this Project. The client agrees that all licenses granted herein may be revoked at Matty D Photography’s discretion should an outstanding balance be opened for more than 3 months.


Travel Fees:

  • Travel fees may apply for projects that require travel outside our standard service area or production radius

  • These fees will be agreed upon prior to the start of the project

  • Matty D Photography may use its discretion to accept or decline projects that are outside of its standard service area or production radius. Matty D Photography agrees that Client will be notified if such a charge is necessary. Client reserves the right to terminate this Agreement should Client choose not to move forward with Production.

Cancellation and Postponement:

  • If the client postpones a project, we will make every effort to reschedule at a mutually agreed upon date and time

  • If the client cancels a project less than 24 hours before the scheduled shoot time, a $100 fee will apply

  • If the house isn’t ready (i.e. isn't cleaned according to this pre-shoot checklist) by the time the photographer arrives and we have to reschedule, a $100 fee will apply

Weather Policy:

  • If there is predictable bad weather, it is the responsibility of the Client to reschedule with at least 24-hours notice before the arranged start time. In the event of unpredictable bad weather, Client may request to proceed with Production. However, Matty D Photography may use its discretion to cancel, postpone, or reschedule as needed. In the event of bad weather, if Client requests to proceed with Production and Matty D Photography agrees, Matty D Photography may fulfill a partial Production to the best of its ability as allowable by the weather.

Reshoot Policy


  • Reshoot and/or additional shoot date requests based on Client preferences are subject to a fixed hourly rate of one hundred dollars ($100 USD) per hour. Fees may be waived for reshoot requests based on technical error(s). Matty D Photography reserves the right to determine if requests are based on Client preferences or technical error(s). Reshoots are subject to Matty D Photography's availability based on a first come, first served basis.



  • We will make up to 2 rounds of revisions at no additional cost, as long as they are within the scope of the original project

  • Additional revisions will be billed at an agreed upon rate between the client and Matty D Photography

Intellectual Property and Licensing:

  • The client agrees that all deliverables created by Matty D Photography Real Estate Media Services are protected by copyright

  • The client, who purchased a license for these photos, is hereby authorized to a worldwide, limited, fully-paid license to use said photography for the purposes of marketing the property for as long as the client represents the property

    • The licensing agreement is valid only for the duration the home/property is listed for sale and cannot be reused without specific written permission

    • This license does not grant or constitute a transfer of ownership for any intellectual property rights, which are all explicitly held by Matty D Photography

  • Any other use of the deliverables must be approved in writing by Matty D Photography and may require additional fees

Damage and Loss:

  • The client agrees to take full responsibility for any damages, loss or theft incurred to the photographer’s equipment while on the property as a result of negligence or misuse by the client. Matty D Photography is not liable for any damages, loss or theft caused to the photographer’s equipment as a result of negligence or misuse by the client. Unless the damage, loss or theft is a direct result made by the Matty D Photography photographer or team member, any damages or losses incurred must be reported immediately to Matty D Photography and will be billed to the client accordingly.

By placing an order, you are opting in to receive text messages and phone calls regarding scheduling, delivery, and other information about your order.

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